Approach to wealth management:

  1. Understanding your financial objectives

  2. Gathering your current financial information

  3. Developing smart, time-tested strategies 

  4. Implementing thoughtful and creative solutions

  5. Providing timely, ongoing service


Our investment philosophy:

Before we suggest a strategy or recommendation, we understand our clients. We accomplish this by gathering all relevant financial and non-financial information. Every client is unique and we believe each client must have their own customized wealth strategy.

We believe research is fundamental.  Every day information is being created and distributed at an ever-increasing rate through traditional and non-traditional sources. Using time-tested strategies, we are able to sift through these traditional and non-traditional sources and provide our clients with what we believe is clear and reliable information. This approach has allowed us to create long-term wealth management strategies that focus on navigating turbulence and adapting to future market conditions.

We take a careful approach to selecting investments and seek diversification based upon the individual objectives of our clients. Our group approaches investing as a team, and we discuss all client strategies as a group before implementation. Making decisions as a team provides each client access to not just the ideas and specialties of a single advisor but access to the collective group.

Furthermore, ongoing account maintenance is vital to the successful implementation of a wealth management strategy. We accomplish this by providing our clients timely and ongoing services to keep focus and meet their financial goals.