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Investment philosophy

Income is key to my investment philosophy. I provide a conservative balanced approach for my clients’ portfolios. Bonds, CD’s, Municipal Bonds, and other conservative income investments make up the fixed income component. The bonds are balanced with high quality blue chip, dividend growing stocks of US and International Companies. I seldom buy non-dividend paying stocks.

In addition to allocating clients monies to this balanced approach, I also focus on IRA’s, retirement plans, estate planning, and a wide range of other services RBC Wealth Management has to offer.

By using a conservative income style, my clients have the potential to receive a steady flow of income but also principal growth through the stocks. I use a contrarian style of investing. This is done by buying investments which are temporarily out of favour. This low ball buying can help reduce volatility in my clients’ portfolios. The income and defensive approach help my clients sleep well at night (SWAN). The contrarian approach enables clients to buy at distressed prices and to sell when those investments hit their fair prices. The defensive income oriented approach and buying out of favour investments can help mitigate some of the portfolio volatility. I take a longer term view with specific price targets and ignore the short term ups and downs.

What retirement investors need to know about regulatory reform

The Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule is now effective. Learn more about the rule and RBC Wealth Management’s long-term commitment to putting the interests of clients first, as well as preserving choice regarding investments and how to pay for services. Please contact me today to discuss your retirement goals.

A time of transition

While U.S. equities have powered forward for more than a year, RBC Capital Markets, LLC’s Head of U.S. Equity Strategy Lori Calvasina tells us why the market should throttle back and deliver gains that hew closer to historical averages. She gives her thoughts on the U.S.’s vexing valuation, whether prospects are better in other markets, and where to find opportunities as shifts in the U.S. market play out. Read the full economic outlook in the latest edition of Global Insight.


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