Investment Approach
Investment Management Process
The investment management process focuses on preserving, enhancing and transferring wealth while meeting each client's individual financial goals. We are an open architecture entity, which means that we utilize the “best-of-breed” investment managers and strategies available anywhere.
Needs Analysis
First, we carefully listen to our clients and develop an understanding of each client's objective, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax situation, personal preference, etc.
Building Your Portfolio
Next, we develop a customized solution of asset classes which interact with one another to provide the most compelling strategies to meet your goals. Strategies include equities, fixed income and alternative investments and may be implemented using individual securities or through mutual funds, and separate account managers.
Managing, Monitoring and Reporting
After the investment strategy is determined, we manage your portfolio, monitor its performance, and consider the potential impact of changing markets and economies.
Alternative Investments
Alternative investments are designed for sophisticated investors seeking greater diversification and a wider range of return opportunities. These options include alternative investments from leading hedge fund, real estate and commodity managers.
Separately Managed Accounts
Managed accounts are individually managed portfolios based on your goals for asset growth, income principal protection and tax minimization. Professional investment advisors manage these accounts and are only selected after a rigorous due diligence process. This structure allows us to tap into some of the world's best money managers to create a complete portfolio tailored to meet your goals.
Investment Due Diligence
At the King Barrios & Boe Investment Group, we have investment professionals specifically designated to the selection and monitoring of the investments in your portfolio. KBB takes the time to thoroughly research the investment landscape, including managed accounts, mutual funds, ETFs, fund of funds and limited partnerships. All recommendations and findings from our due diligence efforts are brought before our Investment Committee for approval.
Our due diligence process begins with the development of a "Best in Class" list of investment options. To derive our select list, we screen databases from Morningstar and Zephyr, which have over 20,000 investment strategies, for specific return and risk characteristics.
After we identify a manageable list, we perform quantitative and qualitative research to determine the right strategy for our clients. KBB is committed to open architecture and due diligence – we closely monitor investments for performance, risk attributes and material changes that would warrant corrective action.