Helping my clients retire intentionally

Retiring when you want, the way you want

Serving as a financial advisor since 1993, I have a sense of the services clients view as adding value. I also understand that I am not, nor do I desire to be, all things to all people; I am here to help people retire, intentionally. I invite you to view my video below to learn more.

My philosophy of “client fitting”

Typically, a person or couple have one to two meetings with me before they become a client. In these meetings prospective clients communicate to me what services they are looking for and I explain what services I provide. At this stage we are trying to make sure the relationship is a good fit.

Once we discern what services are needed and the level of assets to be managed, we can have a clear discussion as to how and how much a client pays for the services I provide. I may even complete a full financial review if needed to help clients understand where they are in relationship to their goals.

So at that point we know whether or not the relationship is a good fit, the prospective client knows how much the services I provide will cost and may have even received a full financial review and yet they have not yet committed dime one to working with me.

If we agree it’s a good fit and the costs are reasonable for the value received, we then move forward with signing transfer paperwork and implementing recommended solutions. This process has been a very non-threatening way for people to explore working with me and not feel obligated or “stuck” in any way.

Please contact me for a more detailed discussion of this process for your situation or for a review of your current cost structure.

Value proposition

When I meet with new clients, I sometimes find they have not fully engaged a financial advisor and are therefore unaware of just how a financial advisor can benefit them. Click here for a list of services I provide to my clients that highlight the value of working with me. 

Core investment philosophy

My core investment philosophy helps clients to weather the significant ups and downs of difficult markets by preparing for them in advance, helping them to maintain investment discipline, reduce the level of emotion in their investment process and reduce potential harm to their investment portfolios.