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Our mission is to help you achieve the goals and experiences most meaningful to you. We believe having a trusted financial professional inspires confidence through compassionate and candid advice needed to help build, preserve, and live your legacy.

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Throughout the last 6 decades in servicing our clients, we have refined a specific process that will hopefully provide you with the peace of mind you seek and the actionable steps to help build, protect, and share your wealth with the people and organizations most meaningful to you. For more information on the Legacy Group process, please reach out for a complimentary conversation.

Latest Insights

Federal building in fog

The certainty of policy uncertainty

Jun 01, 2023 | Atul Bhatia, CFA

Recent events have put U.S. policymakers from the administration to Congress and the Fed in a bad light. What went wrong and what fixes can be made?

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Capitol building

Debt ceiling update

May 26, 2023 | Atul Bhatia, CFA

Recent headlines on debt ceiling negotiations indicate significant progress towards a deal, but with major unresolved issues.

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Pensive woman

Mixed message

May 25, 2023 | Joseph Wu, CFA

Some recent data suggest the global economic expansion is intact, while other clues indicate caution is warranted. What does that mean for investors?

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