Our mission is to help clients live their legacy and focus their time on what they enjoy.

Our vision: 

We seek to understand our clients unique and personal values.  We believe by understanding your values we can bring clarity to your financial life and provide advice that aligns with you and your family's best interest.

Our values: 

Family: We honor the generations that came before us by acting with integrity and compassion for our neighbors and placing a premium on the time we have with the ones we love.  Working with the Legacy Group, you can be assured that we place your family's best interest at the center of our decision making process.

Service: Serving others fulfills our greater purpose.  We believe serving others provides the greatest return.

Gratitude:  We wouldn't have been able to achieve our success without the contributions from others.  We try to consciously give thanks to all those who have paved such a remarkable path for us to follow.

Fun: The importance of wealth lies more in the enjoyment it can provide than the value on a balance sheet.  We aim to instill confidence that our clients can enjoy the wealth they've worked so hard to create. 


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Aging parents: For those of us lucky enough to have one or both parents around, health care and simple daily tasks start becoming an issue as time moves on. Consider health care directives, power of attorney, joint checking and other useful tools to help you manage their situation as seamlessly as possible. Reach out to our team for tips regarding our own experiences in such matters. We would be happy to share our knowledge. www.legacygrouprbc.com

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