Why Legacy?

Deeply imbedded in our daily routine is keeping family centered in our lives. The focus on family lends itself to sharing in goodwill throughout the communities we live and serve. Family and community give us the sense of purpose that drives us to other passions:

  • A love for the outdoors (specifically centered around water and woods) and many of the sports associated within them.
  • A passion to explore the globe; both near and far.
  • A gastronomical sense of adventure.
  • And the opportunity to serve others who’s plight may be less fortunate than ours.

We find working with like-minded individuals is the energy, passion and joy that drives us to work hard; and play harder.


We serve no single genre. For over 6 decades our clients represent: Corporate executives, musician, tradesmen, business owners, health care professionals, athletes, mothers, grandparents, endowments and great-grandchildren. We work with individuals and corporations that seek professional advice and embrace the collaborative approach to building, maintaining, preserving (and ultimately distributing) what they have worked so hard to amass. We admire the entrepreneurial spirit that resides in the vast majority of our clients and work tirelessly to help provide the benefits that may come from investing in the broader public (and private) markets.

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