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Proud to be named volunteer of the year

I am honored to have been named RBC Wealth Management’s 2016 Volunteer of the Year for my work helping children and people of need in the Houston area. I am incredibly passionate about community involvement, and I am very proud to be recognized for those efforts and to have made an impact in our community. For more information about the award, please click here.

Value statement

My belief is that your true value is not so much in what you do, but in how you do it. The industry is full of individuals who provide wealth management advice — I believe I do it better than most. I strive for excellence in everything that I do and am not satisfied with anything less. My goal is to help establish an ongoing pattern of success for each client. I enter each new client relationship with the intent that it is going to be long lasting.

My business philosophy is based on four components: excellence, consistency, discipline and responsive client service. I never stop seeking the best solutions for my clients. The disciplined approach that I utilize helps ensure that the massive amounts of market data available provide an advantage not a deterrent. I am committed to providing service to my clients beyond their expectations.


National award-winner

I have been the recipient of the following awards:


Constructing a stock portfolio

I use a conservative, value-based approach to help preserve and grow client capital with a philosophy that is translated to each individually managed portfolio. Value investing was first popularized by Benjamin Graham and, more recently, by Warren Buffett. Practitioners of the value style of investing seek out well-run businesses whose future long-term prospects are not currently reflected in the company’s stock price. Through quantitative and qualitative analysis, I seek out companies and industries that may be “out of vogue”, yet an essential need may exist for their product or service. I believe that stocks perform well when future developments exceed current expectations. I strive to find under-priced, large-cap and mid-cap securities with a clear catalyst for significant price appreciation within a definable time horizon. This assessment is designed to identify stocks with attractive valuations based on expected earnings, sales, and growth rate. Throughout the process, I focus on diversification and risk control.

Funny money: Is the future of fixed income fixed expenses?

The sub-zero interest rate experiment has changed the way central banks fight recessions. And with central banks going deeper down the rabbit hole of negative rates, we look at how investors can navigate the upside down world of negative-yielding debt. Read the full economic outlook in the latest edition of Global Insight.

Taking the next step

Whether you're a current client who would like to review your portfolio, or a potential client that would like to learn more about my approach, I would love to hear from you.  To set up a consultation click on Contact.

Take control of health care in retirement

No matter what you want your money to help you accomplish in life, planning for health care expenses in retirement is essential. Download Taking Control of Health Care in Retirement to learn more about the steps we can take together to help you prepare for a long, happy—and healthy—retirement.