Q&A with Tim

What makes your branch unique?

Our philosophy for the Lincoln branch at RBC Wealth Management is to ensure the client experience is inviting/warm/friendly on every phone call and every in-office visit. We are a client-first firm, pointing our best resources toward the advisors and their team to take care of client needs. Our firm continues to invest in the best technology for advisors to serve their clients while maintaining a family-friendly culture that is difficult to find in a wirehouse firm.

Why would a recruit benefit from joining one of your branches?

Transitioning your business and your clients to another firm is a major decision. Our goal is to have potential recruit advisors fully understand our firm and resources prior to joining our team in order to avoid any surprises. We commit the resources of our veteran teams to ensure a smooth transition for advisors, team members and clients. Once you have joined our Lincoln team, you will find that our culture is supportive of the advisor and their team, sharing best practices, and fostering a family-first work/life balance.

What are the top three words you would use to describe the culture of your branch?

  • Family
  • Teamwork
  • Energetic

What do you feel are your responsibilities as a branch director?

My primary role as branch director is creating and maintaining an environment where we connect our advisors and teams to the full resources of the firm so they can deliver to their clients. More than simply providing resources, I work hard to foster a supportive, warm and energetic office. We support our teams in growth initiatives, both financially and with our time and firm resources. Finally, we strive to ensure each of our teams are pursuing efficiency, scalability and growth. I meet quarterly with each team to ensure we are doing all we can to support their business.

Of those responsibilities, which ones are you really good at?

I encourage any recruit to speak with our advisors and staff to determine how effectively I fulfill my promises.

If you could create your perfect advisor what attributes would they have?

Advisors come in all flavors, shapes and sizes. It is less about their style and more about their approach to client service, structure, efficiency and growth. We want advisors with a great reputation, strong relationships with their clients and those who will positively impact our branch office culture.

How do you add value to your FAs practices and help them grow?

Growth is a key factor in an advisory world where fees are being compressed, while regulation and compliance are becoming greater factors in running an efficient and growing advisory business. I am committed to helping our advisors and their teams filter through all of the roadblocks to their business so they can spend their time serving their clients. I am also interested in financially partnering with our advisors when there are opportunities for growth. Finally, we invest heavily in coaching, team efficiency and growth initiatives.

When you talk to potential recruits what is the first thing you tell them?

I look forward to partnering with you to grow your business. What do you like most about your current office and what are the things you would change about your local office, manager and firm? How can I help you make the greatest impact on the people you care about most?

Timothy McEwen, CFP®

Managing Director - Branch Director, Senior Portfolio Manager - Portfolio Focus

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