I offer customized wealth planning and professional investment management.

Many people lack the time and expertise to manage an investment portfolio. I create individualized wealth plans, implement your plan as an Investment Advisor, and continually review your portfolio and financial needs for your peace of mind.

I serve women undergoing a major life transition and dealing with...

  • The death of a loved one or spouse
  • Navigating the sale or transfer of a family business
  • Financial survival after the shock of a job loss
  • Suddenly tasked with the care and financial management of a parent or loved one
  • Evaluating the various terms and options when buying, selling or refinancing a home
  • Helping an adult child while they get back on their feet financially
  • The pain of divorce and its total life adjustment
  • Planning for years of financial commitment that children or grandchildren require
  • Staying financially secure during periods of market and economic uncertainty

Having practiced 30 years as a financial advisor, I have seen people be negatively impacted because they did not plan properly or make smart financial decisions and as a result they suffered unnecessary consequences.  I serve as a thinking partner in my relationships with clients to help them anticipate and prepare for complex financial issues.

As your trusted advisor, my focus is entirely on your priorities and their protection.  My work is to support you throughout the changes and help you through education, advocacy, and planning to feel confident in moving forward.

 I focus on what is important to you...

  • Planning for your retirement
  • Creating secure and tax considerate investment income during retirement
  • Funding an education, whether for yourself or someone you love
  • Maintaining or enhancing your lifestyle
  • Preparing for a major purchase
  • Protecting your assets or income
  • Creating the legacy by which you want to be remembered

What is important to you drives everything I do and, of course that process can’t start without a reflective conversation between us.

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