Linda Sama, CEPA®, CFP®

Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor, Senior Consulting Group

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Vicky Flynn

Senior Registered Client Associate


Why I do what I do

My father died suddenly when I was only 18 years old, leaving behind my mom with no life insurance, savings, or retirement plan. She was left with a small business and a house and I watched as she took responsibility to create financial security for herself and her children.  The lessons I learned from this was the importance of being self-supporting and the value of planning for the future.

As a result of this experience, I took charge of my education and financial life, starting with a career on Wall Street which ultimately led me to become a wealth management planner. My goal is twofold:  To empower you, through smart planning to achieve your goals  and  to support you, in making good decisions to reduce your stress and worry about your future.



My passion and purpose is to enable you to build financial security and confidence through a comprehensive approach of your wealth management. Developing a relationship with you is primary, I  further review your goals and evaluate your existing investments, liabilities, wealth protection and transfer strategies. I collaborate with your tax and legal advisors to see your objectives are met.