Lupu Wealth Strategies offers comprehensive institutional consulting to address the specific needs of large pools of assets and the fiduciaries that are charged with their oversight.  These clients include trusts and organizations such as Superfunds, retirement plans, foundations and endowments.

While we cannot purport to control markets, we can provide a clear and prudent process to mitigate both investment & fiduciary liability risks. We designed our services to assist with understanding and fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities for funds at every stage of their trajectory. We work with your organization to clearly define the objectives and develop strategies that are designed specifically to meet them, including: 

  • Cash flow modeling & analysis – Whether funds are in the collection phase, or well into their lifecycle, we organize your data of anticipated cash flows and the effects on the corpus of the fund to determine the appropriate target rate of return
  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) creation & maintenance – Establishing a formalized document that defines the individuals’ roles and responsibilities within the context of explicit objectives and assumptions for the assets in the form of an an IPS provides current and future fiduciaries a basis for continuity and guidance
  • Customized asset allocation – Taking both of the above into account, we work with your investment committee to implement a prudent set of targets and ranges for broad asset class inclusion and weightings to achieve the appropriate risk/reward profile for the fund
  • Passive vs. active management analysis – We believe in controlling investment expenses however possible through low cost vehicles and maximizing returns from efficient markets where appropriate, and selecting best in breed active portfolio managers in spaces that warrant a higher degree of expertise
  • Regular performance reporting & documentation – Comprehensive quarterly reviews with customized benchmarks and detailed attribution on equity & fixed income components within the context of the overall markets are circulated to your investment committee to monitor the fund’s progress and adherence to its stated IPS goals and parameters