My approach

I strongly believe that good communication is the key to identifying and achieving each client’s individualized financial goals. For this reason, I invest a considerable amount of time up front to assess each client’s needs, risk tolerance, time horizon and tax situation, in order to formulate a plan that meets your expectations for the future. Based on this information, and considering changing market conditions, I will make recommendations to fine-tune your portfolio. Ongoing, open communication will ensure that future changes in your financial situation or needs can be addressed quickly and in the most satisfactory manner possible.

Leading clients through economic cycles is a skill only acquired through extensive experience with volatile markets and the myriad of available investment vehicles. I bring a wealth of knowledge in both of these areas, and welcome the opportunity to work alongside your CPA, attorney, and any other professionals in order to provide you with the most comprehensive and successful financial strategies possible.

I specialize in creating balanced investment portfolios with a prudent and risk-conscious approach to their construction and management. Investment alternatives can range from the most secure to those with much higher return potential and are driven by each client’s unique situation. Many clients own a combination of CDs, mutual funds, bonds, stocks and alternative vehicles, all of which will be considered in developing a wealth management plan that works for you.