Mark Gallinatti

First Vice President - Financial Advisor

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As a University of Washington graduate, I started in the brokerage business in 1985 with Dean Witter Reynolds, which gave me a little seasoning before the market crash of '87. Loving the idea of having our own business, my wife Debbie and I entered into an entrepreneurial opportunity in the residential playground business for BigToys in the late 80’s and early 90's. By 1999, my passions led me back to the investment industry with AG Edwards. As the financial industry began its consolidation, I joined RBC Wealth Management for its stable and conservative business practice. I continue to enjoy learning the changing dynamics of our financial markets.


Living in Tacoma for the past 30 years, I do believe it is a great place to live and raise children. My wife and I are parents that are still raising kids. Our oldest child has an education degree from Washington State University, our son is a pilot with the US Air Force, and our youngest is earning a degree at Gonzaga University. You may see my talented wife Debbie on stage as she is involved in professional acting and local theater. I enjoy trying to stay fit playing soccer and water sports when we have the sunshine.


Cynthia Von Essen

Branch Service Manager/Client Associate

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