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The Ultimate Financial Planning Team

Feb 06, 2023 | Matt Jackson


Money goals can be tricky and hard to plan for. That's why I've come up with the Ultimate Financial Planning Team! These professionals can help you achieve any and every Financial goal you have this year!

Team building a house

New Year new me. Do we really say that still? I hope not. Either way, the New Year signals a time for many to start fresh with new motivation and new goals to get things rolling in their direction. We all want to achieve different things in 2023 from fitness and weight goals, to professional and work goals. The one I want to talk about however (surprise, surprise) is money goals! A quick google search shows that one of the most common “New Year’s Resolutions” or goals to start the New Year has something to do with MONEY! Saving more money, Begin saving for my child’s education, Save up for that rental home, Buy those new golf clubs (wink).

A money goal I hear oh so often is “I need to get my Finances in order”. Now that could mean something different for each and every one of you and this goal itself is fairly vague. Nonetheless, if you really want to get your financial household in order, I’m going to reveal to you the Ultimate Investment Planning team that can help get you squared away. The starting 5 lineup that you could add to your team and consider having a conversation with to “Get your Finances in Order”. Are you ready??

Here is your Investment Planning Team:

Financial Advisor 

You didn’t really think I was going to start with any other profession did you? A wealth planner can not only help you define your money goals, but give you actionable steps towards achieving them. We can help with investment planning, retirement planning, managing risk and so on. Most importantly, we are there along your journey helping call the plays and guiding you towards your own money success. Wealth Planners can lend their support in most stages throughout life and can help get you on the right track.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Who loves taxes?  The silence is deafening.. You’re lucky because you don’t have to enjoy taxes because there’s enough awesome CPA’s out there that do, that can save you hours on hours of trying to understand tax code. They can help you file each year, strategize your taxes and work closely with these other professionals on the Starting 5 to keep you from sending all those hard earned dollars to the government. They are an invaluable profession on this team. And to save you some dollars (and your sanity) I think it could be worth your while hiring one!

Life Insurance Agent

Now we dive into the field of risk management and a topic that no one wants to talk about. A powerful player on this team is the Life Insurance Agent who can make sure that if something happens to you or a family member, that the Household doesn’t fall apart financially. It’s a product unfortunately that isn’t enjoyable to talk about and a product that hopefully you will never need to use. Last I checked though, we are all mortal beings here, meaning you’d rather be properly insured and protected than not being so. Speaking of insurance agents, while you’re at it, why don’t you speak with a good:

Property and Casualty Insurance Agent

As we know, the world of insurance can become very complex and the answer to “How much Insurance do I need?” can become very confusing and tiring. That’s where a good P & C Insurance Agent can come in to play. They can make sure you’re covered fully and correctly for everything from your auto and home, to insuring your jewelry and/or your fury four legged friends. Again, the question is: Why guess if you’re covered correctly, when you can get in contact with a good P&C Agent and they can tell you if you are covered correctly or not? An important player on this all-star teams which leads us to our last starter.

Estate Planning Attorney

Another profession, like a life insurance agent, where we don’t necessarily enjoy the outcome of what they are trying to plan for. Nevertheless, an Estate Planning Attorney is going to make sure that all of your assets, money, investments anything in your name, is transferred to the people and loved ones that you want them to at the time of your passing. They can help you develop clear instructions as to what you want, in the face of your personal incapacitation or death. Grim to think about yes, but wouldn’t you rather be the one making these decisions when you can, rather than the Probate court making them for you?

Well there you have it, the Ultimate Investment Planning team. And unfortunately basketball teams only allow 5 starters so there are some first class team members on the bench that are worth mentioning:

Mortgage Broker/ Lender

Always good to have one handy that knows your situation, housing situation, loan status etc. They are an incredible resource and professional to have on your team.


Along the same lines, having a realtor available and ready to go can help you when you’re ready to upgrade, downgrade, move towns, find a rental or just give you an update on the market. An invaluable team member

Health Insurance Agent

Because like the theme amongst this team, why not have someone that can make sure your covered correctly on your day to day health insurance?

Well there you have it. No doubt some of the bench players think they should be in the starting 5, and I’m sure they would be on other teams. Once again, the goal here was to throw out there every profession that could “Help you get your Finances in Order”. You may use 1, all 8 or none. There’s no right or wrong answer. Each and every profession brings something unique to the table and can propel you on your financial journey and hopefully achieve your money goals in 2023. Or, well, at least get you on the right track!


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