Are you a rational investor?  Does investing make you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster?  For many investors, financial market fluctuations can yield a wide range of emotions, from euphoria to despondency-similar to the emotions one feels when they are on a roller coaster.  Behavioral Finance uses elements of finance, psychology, and sociology to analyze investor behaviors that can have an impact on their investment decisions.

At the Metolius Wealth Management Group, we utilize the concepts of Behavioral Finance to educate and further benefit our clients.  Why?  Because our experience (and many behavioral science studies) show that investors consistently do not make rational decisions regarding their investments if they are being influenced by a wide range of various personal emotions.  And the result is that their long term investment strategies are often times compromised.  That is why the Discovery Step of our investment process is so critical.  We take the time to understand what your attitudes and feelings are about your money and attempt to pre-determine how your personal biases might impact ultimately reaching your financial objectives.  Our goal is to provide you with insights about your personal biases and tendencies and to provide guidance to help you achieve your long term goals.