What makes us so special?

Every advisor manages investments. Many provide financial planning. These services are extremely important— they’re at the core of our practice. But you should expect these services, as they are merely table stakes in reality. So, what are some qualities that make our practice so unique?

All advisory clients

Best of industry practices – We’ve taken what we’ve learned at 5 of the largest investment firms in the world and implemented those best practices into our wealth management process.

Innovative technology - We use  technology to add scale and provide maximum efficiency to our wealth management practice. How does this help you? More efficiency allows us to give exceptional personal and customized experience to each of our clients.

Veteran experience with youthful energy - We provide a balance of experience and career runway. While we’ve helped clients accomplish their goals and protect their assets through multiple market cycles, we are committed to our clients for decades to come.

100 Clients – Many advisors have hundreds, if not thousands of what they call clients. That’s just too many. We believe in order to build an advisor/client relationship with real depth, we need to limit our number of client households to around 100. So, it’s our commitment to you that we will never dilute your experience and our relationship by taking on too many clients.

Affluent families

Our mission is to help our clients and their families each live their one best life.

In addition to the professional management of your investments, below is a sample of other value we bring to our advisory clients:

Ongoing guidance – We provide guidance for you and your family members in every area of finance.

Planning and aggregation – RBC's planning and aggregation software simplifies the management of your balance sheet, even for assets and liabilities not under our management.

Coordinating all areas of finance – From cash management, investment management and your borrowing need to tax and estate planning services, and advice on Social Security strategies. Everything, to the finest desired detail, is included in your plan.

Real estate integration – We integrate your real estate into our financial planning process. This includes income, expenses, amortization, and depreciation.

Call a pro – If anyone in your family or circle of friends needs financial advice of any kind, we're happy to have a confidential call with them. There’s no requirement for them to become a client, and there’s no cost. At a minimum, we commit to giving them the advice they need and pointing them in the right direction. If they’re important to you, they’re important to us.


Our mission is to deliver consistent, predictable outcomes mandated by your investment policy and stakeholders.

Macro advice – We provide ongoing macro advice that educates and informs leaders of your institution to help you make the best long and short-term financial decisions for your organization.

Lending – Whether it’s commercial lending or asset backed lines, we work with our City National Bank affiliate to provide a suite of business liability management.

Private planning services – We provide every executive level member of the organization, at no cost, a comprehensive personal financial assessment. It’s high level, it’s confidential, and it’s a valuable service.