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Welcome to Beyond Your Money with Mike Dukovich, financial advisor and Retirement Income Certified Professional with RBC Wealth Management. It’s your money, it’s your life, and it’s time for you to take control. I believe life’s greatest returns are realized when you invest beyond your money. Join me, and I'll help you build the financial foundation for the life you envision.

Beyond Your Money Podcast with Mike Dukovich

In the latest episode of Beyond Your Money, Mike discusses budgeting and cash-flow management.

Past topics 
  • Episode #1 - Introduction to Mike and the inaugural Beyond Your Money Podcast
  • Episode #2 - What is comprehensive wealth management?
  • Episode #3 - The 2 most common questions advisors are asked
  • Episode #4 - 11 tips that will help investors stay sane during moments when volatility spikes
  • Episode #5 - The client experience 
  • Episode #6 - Helping young professionals and retirees
  • Episode #8 - Dollar cost averaging and the elements of estate planning
  • Episode #9 - Active vs. passive investments / Trusts with Attorney Jay Hagerman
  • Episode #10 - The financial flow chart
  • Episode #11 - The importance of staying organized, Part one – with guest, Jill Yesko
  • Episode #12 - The importance of staying organized, Part two – with guest Jill Yesko
  • Episode #13 - The psychology behind your financial decisions
  • Episode #14 - Misconceptions of annuities addressed with Michael Clarke
  • Episode #15 - The universal truths in wealth management, Part one
  • Episode #16 - The universal truths in wealth management, Part two
  • Episode #17 - The Importance of ESG in Investing with Kent McClanahan
  • Episode #18 - The Mortgage Process with Kevin Giza
  • Episode #19 - SECURE 2.0
  • Episode #20 - College Planning 101
  • Episode #21 - Financial Literacy Basics

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