Whakapapa means knowing who we are, where we are and where we are from. It provides us with identity and history. Our employees make up many layers of our history and will create the layers of the future.

Our purpose

The Minneapolis Management Team’s goals are building trust, developing people and fostering an environment of high performance. We strive for continual improvement and progress, and our collective character is crucial to reaching these goals. As leaders, our focus on environment and culture helps create the right atmosphere for the right behavior to occur.

RBC Wealth Management enjoys a rich heritage of strength and stability that goes back more than 100 years. This has created a very interesting history and story. As leaders, our commitment to sharing these stories helps our employees understand what they stand for and why. Ultimately, how we care for our employees and clients determines our success—the results will follow.

RBC Wealth Management values

Client First. Collaboration. Accountability. Diversity and Inclusion. Integrity.

Mark Gherity

Senior Managing Director - Complex Director

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