Culture in the Nashua branch

Why is the culture at RBC Wealth Management so special? It is the freedom to express your own ideas of culture. Perhaps there is nothing more important than a healthy work life / family life balance. Or perhaps your greatest wish is to devote your free time to a special charity in your community.
Done and done.

I am not just a Branch Director, I am also a mother, a grandmother and a wife. I like to think I find a sweet balance between family, work and my community. Do I succeed? If I am honest with myself and the world, finding the elusive perfect balance is hard. Really hard. But I have the freedom to focus on what is important to me and create my very own unique culture. RBC Wealth Management recognizes my individuality and supports the culture I imagine for myself and for my branch. As a Branch Director I am able to help support the culture of the individuals in my branch. We are not cookie cutter employees following a recipe of acceptable culture ingredients.

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Kimberly Snow-Lawlor
Branch Director
Nashua, NH
(603) 577-4923