Integrity ...adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character

Your interests as our client always come first.  Trust, commitment and excellence create the foundation for a long, profitable relationship between you and The Norman Fletchall Team.  The first step in building this foundation is to understand the values and goals that are most important to you and your family. 

Wealth management planning

To achieve the optimal wealth management and investment plan for you, we first learn what is most important for you through an initial in-depth conversation designed to draw out your goals, concerns, critical relationships, and financial profile.  A personalized wealth management plan is then developed to help navigate you toward your vision of financial success based on your time frame, risk tolerance level, tax implications, current financial resources and long-term financial goals. 

Service standards and communication

We hold ourselves to a high standard for client service and communication.  Requests and problems are handled quickly with updates provided in a timely manner.  Your personalized plan includes a contact program where you receive phone calls and meetings on a regular basis throughout the year, keeping you informed about changes in the markets, your investment portfolio, tax changes that may impact your situation and more.

Portfolio implementation

The investment strategy developed for you is grounded in long-term fundamentals with adjustments for changes in the markets, and aims to complement the investments you may already have in place.  Implementation of your portfolio strategy originates with determining the appropriate allocation between equity and fixed income investments.  Getting this decision right is critical to your long-term investing success   Throughout our relationship, we help you navigate the risks and rewards of the markets, making adjustments to keep you on the path toward your vision of financial success.  A more robust explanation of our investment process may be found under the “Investment Process” link.

Expenses and tax management

Two hallmarks for long-term investment success are: 1) maximize after-tax wealth and 2) maintain reasonable investment expenses.   To achieve the former requires skill and years of experience in both good and bad stock markets.  The Norman Fletchall Team has more than 50 years combined experience in the wealth management business.  We also agree that maintaining reasonable investment expenses are important.  To that end, we utilized a fee based structure for managing investments and provide planning services as part of that structure.  We utilize investment vehicles that show solid risk and return variables and reasonable expenses.  Finally, we seek to maximize the tax benefits of our fee structure whenever possible in light of your situation.

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