Our 7 Pillar Process

  • Wealth management – understanding what you want to achieve with your wealth and collaborating with you to develop and execute the strategies that provide you with the greatest probability of achieving those goals.
  • Risk management – evaluating, quantifying and putting in place strategies to mitigate risks to your assets; financial, personal, business and life.
  • Cash flow – we understand that the world runs on cash flow.  We focus on insuring that you have a sufficient amount of cash flow and liquidity to avoid having to sell assets at inopportune times.
  • Taxes – understanding your tax situation and collaborating with you and your accountant to develop tax aware strategies and managing portfolios that are tax efficient.
  • Estate – make sure clients make active decisions on how they want their assets to be distributed and work with our Trust and Estate specialists and our clients attorneys to make sure these wishes are documented and reviewed at least annually.
  • Philanthropy – many clients are focused on giving back and as such we work with clients to help them meet their philanthropic goals efficiently.
  • Value added services – we have a team here to serve our clients when life happens.  We have helped our clients in some of their most difficult times from having to find housing for an aging parent to helping evacuate a client in a medical emergency from overseas.  You have a team that knows you and can help in those times that you don’t expect.

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