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Our mission as a client-centered, advisory-based wealth management team is to partner with all members of a client’s family to execute a well-defined financial plan to fulfill their lifetime dreams. Our partnership with our clients is transgenerational and our goal is to provide sound financial education and advice in an ever-changing world. Our added fiduciary investment management and unwavering focus to each client’s needs is transparent and goal driven.

Value statement

With more than 50 years of investment experience, we have managed client portfolios through 10 market corrections, two deep recessions, and a horrible financial crisis. We manage and protect the continued prosperity of more than $100 million of our clients’ net worth and liabilities. We relentlessly seek knowledge to stay equipped to address the issues that impact our clients.

Investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is a planning-based fiduciary philosophy. The objective to achieve long-term goals can be accomplished through patience, research and transparency. This approach leads to risk-adjusted returns through the allocation of wealth into many traditional and non-traditional markets. It is important to take advantage of investment opportunities in all market cycles through timely research with a leading RBC Wealth Management team as well as our more than 50 years of interpreting fixed income markets. Once portfolios are built through a fiduciary platform, they are continuously monitored by members of our team and communicated through email, phone and face-to-face meetings. The ability to have at least one experienced financial consultant in the office monitoring the economy and markets every day gives our clients peace of mind and timely, risk-adjusted returns and service.


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Will the U.S. midterms be a pivot point for equities? We examine historical performance surrounding such elections, and what that may be signaling for this year and next. Read the full economic outlook in the latest edition of the Global Insight Monthly.

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