Financial advisor-oriented leadership

At RBC Wealth Management, helping you cultivate and maintain long-lasting client relationships is at the center of everything we do as a firm. We have a strong, responsive culture that supports you as an entrepreneur, and a dedicated team of professionals that will go the extra mile to help you grow and manage your business. 

"Coming here, it's a much more open environment. We enjoy the fact that people are looking for a way to say yes ... if I have something I need to get done, there's somebody out there other than an empty mailbox that I can go to to help get issues resolved.

Harry Smith, Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor, Senior Portfolio Manager - Portfolio Focus

Onboarding support

Financial advisors joining us in the Pacific Northwest will find their transition smoothed by a well-organized process and experienced staff. The complex consulting team gives new advisors a specific “go-to” person to get questions answered on virtually any subject, including technology, marketing or RBC Wealth Management’s investment platforms. Our top priority is to help you transition every client seamlessly and continue to build your business in the months to come. 

"I wasn't alone in my move. There was a team ready for me to start that process of transitioning my clients from my old firm to RBC."

Jerome D. Bosch, Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor, Consulting Group

Ongoing collaboration

We believe that collaboration is essential to making sure our clients get the best possible experience. When you join RBC Wealth Management, you'll have access to world-class resources, the support and guidance of our nationally recognized team of analysts, and an experienced corporate team committed to helping you grow your business. But more than that, you'll join a strong community of 140 advisors in the Pacific Northwest that are deeply committed to partnership and finding the best solutions for our clients.

"All those promises made 10 years ago in my move to RBC have been kept not only initially but through our entire time here."

Scott Merriman, Managing Director - Financial Advisor, Senior Consulting Group

Find your fit with us

Allow us to answer your questions and share more about the rewards of partnering with RBC Wealth Management in the Pacific Northwest. Contact us today to learn more.

Looking to make a career change?

You may be surprised how many of our financial advisors come from non-financial backgrounds. Our associate financial advisor program is designed for hard-working individuals looking for their next challenge. Find the future you want in a rewarding career helping others achieve their goals. We’re thrilled to share that our Pacific Northwest complex is now hiring associate financial advisors and wealth planning associates! Learn more.

Hear from our advisors

We invite you to watch the video below to hear directly from Complex Director David Moskovitz and financial advisors in our region. Then contact us to discuss how you can find your fit with us.

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