Enhanced Asset Management System (EAMS)

  • Developed by Pascoe Heath Austin Wealth Management Group as an overlay of traditional asset allocation.
  • Designed to mitigate losses in stock market declines, thereby allowing portfolios to recover more quickly from previous attained levels.
  • Measures the effects of factors rather than attempting to identify factors that possibly cause future stock market movement.
  • Identifies significant changes in stock market direction as either High Confidence (suggesting higher prices in the future) or Low Confidence (suggesting lower prices in the future).
  • Divides equity holdings in portfolios between being a Strategic position (held through any market cycle) and Tactical position (added or removed when EAMS moves from High Confidence to Low Confidence).
  • Uses Cash and cash equivalents as an integral asset class during times when stock market conditions are either vulnerable to sharp declines or when EAMS signal is in Low Confidence.
  • Rebalances portfolios regularly to maintain client’s proper risk balance of assets.