Batter Up!

On Friday, July 22nd, we had our second annual Night Out at The Ball Park @ Frontier Field.

By our best count, there were 74 in attendance.

The weather cooperated, the suite was perfect in size, temperature and set-up.  The food was yummy, tasty beverages flowed, ice cream filled in the cracks, our home-town Wings beat their Thruway rival Chiefs (with a spectacular game ending catch!) and the post-game fireworks dazzled like the 4th of July.

All that said, we’re already planning on a Third Annual Night Out in 2017, details will become available early 2017.

If you attended this year’s event and have any suggestions to make next year’s event even better, please don’t hold back.  We’re all ears.

Thank you to everyone that came that night, again for coming out to the park and spending some time with us. Your presence was truly appreciated. We hope that you enjoyed the evening. We certainly did.

Paul & Patty