The only logical goal in retirement

I believe, the only logical goal in retirement is to create an income that grows at the same rate (or at a highter rate) as one’s cost of living rises. In my experience, it’s not about preservation of principal, it’s about preserving your purchasing power over your retirement and, if you're married or have a life partner, your spouse's/partner's as well.

That could be up to a two-person, 30-year retirement where the cost of goods and services may double, quite possibly triple and even have an outside chance to quadruple.  Investing in great companies of the U.S. and the world should help toward achieving that goal, with their historical growth and rising dividends.

There are only two possible outcomes: Your money will outlive you (which is good) or you will outlive your money (which is bad).

Retirement is an income problem.  I believe, the risk is not the short term loss of principal, it’s the loss of purchasing power.



If you’ve never heard anything like this before, you’re certainly not alone.The demographics of longevity have changed and so too have the models and strategies.

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