From left to right, Dan Sullivan, David Margolies, Jeffrey Peifly, Suzanne Buro, Steve Ornstein.

Financial advisors are always trying to find ways to prove they are different from one another.  Some will mention the fancy software they use; others will claim to have a unique investment philosophy.

But here’s the thing: Differences only matter if they provide what you want. 

When my team and I started The Peifly Group, we built our practice so that every single thing we do is based on what our clients have told us they want and need.  If there’s an idea, app, or process that doesn’t directly benefit you, we ditch it.  It doesn’t matter if it makes our lives easier, because we’re in business to make your life easier. 

Here are some of the ways we’re different, each chosen because they’re what clients like you want and expect:

You want a financial advisor who is trustworthy, who always puts your needs above his own.  That’s why we’re registered as fiduciaries, which means we have a legal obligation to put your interests first. 

It really is that simple.  What’s good for you is good for us, always.  We never want you to feel uncomfortable with your investments, or wonder how your money is doing.  Integrity is our first and foremost priority. 

Finances can be complicated.  From investing to taxes, from managing your estate to saving for your child’s education, there is so much to know and so many decisions to make.  For that reason, our expertise is the only product we offer.  We’re here to answer your questions.  We’re here to show you every option available.  We’re here to remove any uncertainty you may feel about whether you will reach your goals. 

Because every facet of your financial life is related, our team is built to tackle each.  We do this by creating solutions that will most effectively achieve what is important to you.  And we never stop working to enhance our expertise, either. 

Frankly, the word “complacency” makes us shudder. 

Whether it’s a doctor or a plumber or a financial advisor, you want the professionals you hire to be experienced, right?  We’ve been serving clients for over 26 years, weathering what the best and the worst of what the markets have to offer.  We’ve adapted as the economy has changed.  That means whatever challenges or opportunities come your way, we can help you manage them, because we’ve seen it all before. 

It’s surprising how rarely you see financial advisors use this word nowadays.  But helpfulness is a major part of who we are.  We strive to make your life easier and less stressful.  We strive to remove uncertainty from your financial future.  We do this by using a team of specialists.  Some are service-oriented, so if you ever have a question or need help with a problem, it will get handled right away.  Others can help with various aspects of your finances, like taxes or your will.  And of course, if you currently work with other professionals who you’re happy with, like a CPA, then we’ll work with them to ensure you stay happy. 

Some advisors only contact their clients when they have something to sell.  How do we know?  Because our clients tell us this when they leave their old advisors to come work with us. 

The fact is, we’re in business for you and because of you.  That means you will hear from us often.  We’ll send you letters on how the markets are doing.  We’ll check in on you by phone at least once a quarter.  And we’ll schedule reviews of your financial progress at least twice a year. 

Situations change, and we understand that.  If you’re a frequent traveler, don’t live in our area, or experience hardship, we’ll work with you to create the type of service experience that fits your needs.  We have the capability to not only host regular phone calls, but Skype and WebEx conferences, too.  We also leverage digital tools to monitor your entire financial life – from check writing to paying off your mortgage.