Our Story

Perissos was founded with the aspiration of empowering clients to “go beyond” and live their “abundant life.”

  • Why? Achievement, fulfillment and satisfaction go beyond financial planning and investment milestones.

Greek in origin, Perissos (per-is-sos) comes from the word Peri (per-ee) and “is in the sense beyond.” It’s defined as:

  • Over and above, exceedingly abundant, something further, more

This one goal, inspired by those we serve, embodies our name and purpose.


Our Values

With our family, friends, and clients as our guides, we live these values:

  • Creating a culture of trust, collaboration and transformation in a client- centric approach
  • Continuously innovating and finding new ways to fulfill our purpose, grow and challenge ourselves
  • Always being present, interacting with integrity, compassion and enthusiasm
  • Being results-oriented and accountable, with an “abundant life” being the benchmark of achievement
  • Delivering our best to those that we serve and impact in our community

What is your abundant life?

To help our clients live an “abundant life” we are committed to these standards:

  • To embolden each business owner, professional and retiree to seek an abundant life
  • We are committed to helping clients “go beyond” financial and investment goals
  • Providing clients personalized strategies that are relevant and unique to them

Let's take the next step together

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Perissos Wealth Group

Please read more about Perissos and each team member's take on their "abundant life" in their bios.

Perissos Quarterly Newsletter

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Gain financial flexibility

Be prepared for almost any financing need by opening an RBC Credit Access Line. With no cost to set up, no ongoing fees, competitive interest rates and favorable terms, it may be a practical tool to help accomplish your immediate and long-term goals. Contact us today to explore this smart, yet potentially untapped source of opportunity. 

Wondering what to do with excess 529 savings?

If you’ve saved diligently for a family-member’s education—and he or she does not need help funding education expenses—the 529 Plan savings can still be used without tax penalties. You could transfer funds for another child, niece/nephew or grandchild. Or see if room, board and textbook costs can be covered. You might even be able to pay for college credits for a qualifying gap year program. Contact us to discuss your education savings options in more detail.

Join us for upcoming seminars and events

We are fortunate to host educational seminars and events for our clients and the community exploring a variety of topics. Our events provide an opportunity to expand your knowledge and engage with us as you learn more about a specific topic. Past and upcoming events are posted on our website below. Please contact us for more information regarding a specific seminar or event.