Questions & answers with Ken Ross

Senior Managing Director – Complex Director of the Pittsburgh Complex

What makes your complex/branches unique?

We’re unique because we’ve redesigned much of the complex and incorporated many new perspectives that are harmoniously blending with the RBC culture. RBC Wealth Management is unique because you can get to the people who can help you. There’s a sense of personal service from the home office. I remove roadblocks that get in the way of the FA best serving his/her client and executing on their behalf. When our interests are aligned the client always comes first. If we take care of the client and advisor in that order then the firm will be taken care of as well. Not everything is black and white — I’m not looking for that. I would rather look at an issue and find a way to get what you need done. I truly believe our objective is to help advisors achieve goals, remove roadblocks and deliver service to our clients. I like to say we’re “a Midwestern firm, with Midwestern values. Not Wall Street, but Main Street.”
Why would a recruit benefit from joining one of your branches?

They benefit from the intimate size of our branches and the global backing of our parent firm. They receive individual attention, which helps them realize their full potential and deliver the right strategies to their clients.


What are the top 3 words you would use to describe the culture of your complex/branches?

Positive. Energetic. Collaborative. Everyone is striving for the same goals and shares the same values and professionalism.


What do you feel are your responsibilities as a complex director? 
Attract, develop and retain the best financial advisors in the cities we serve.


Of those responsibilities, which ones are you really good at? 

A combination of attracting and retaining. I have been in this market a long time and have developed deep relationships. I have the compassion and conviction to take good care of the people that work in the Pittsburgh branches.


If you could create your perfect advisor what attributes would they have?
 I’ll work with everyone as long as they put their clients first.


How do you add value to your FAs practices and help them grow?
  • Support them philanthropically
  • Connect them with the right resources and people
  • Support their efforts to grow their business
  • Training programs
  • Leverage the Complex Consulting Team
  • Practice management workshops
  • Figure out what their goals are and help them get there
  • Constant communication: 24 hour rule, I respond same day


When you talk to potential recruits what is the first thing you tell them?

I don’t tell them anything. I ask them about themselves and what is most important to them. I show them that I offer stability and consistency because I’m deeply committed to the Pittsburgh market. To me the relationship is most important. Advisors trust me because I do what I say I’m going to do.

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