Investment policy statement and review

An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) provides a documented due diligence process to guide fiduciary decision making. As a fiduciary for your plan, your IPS is one of the first documents the Department of Labor will ask you to provide in an audit. That is why it is important to make sure your IPS is current and is being followed.

We can provide you a sample IPS for your plan, or review your current IPS to assist you with a disciplined investment process. To help you demonstrate you are fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities, we review your IPS to be sure it is clear and complete. An IPS should:
  • State the plan objectives
  • Define watch list criteria
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Provide replacement strategies
  • Identify selection and monitoring criteria

Plan implementation

Our “organize-formalize-implement-monitor” system helps you follow an established fiduciary process so that the investment options included in your company’s plan meet the criteria as identified in your IPS.

Organize & gather plan data
  • Review IPS and plan documents
  • Compare the current plan investments with generally accepted investment standards
  • Compile investment information to assist you
Formalize & present to plan sponsor or investment committee
  • Provide executive summary
  • Deliver investment review report
Implement & help coordinate investment changes with record keeper
  • Document watch list
  • Create a participant communication plan
  • Help coordinate and/or conduct employee meetings
Monitor & provide ongoing investment reviews
  • Update investment reports
  • Conduct periodic meetings with plan sponsor/investment committee
  • Help coordinate and/or conduct ongoing educational meetings

As your partner, we can help your plan comply with the broad range of ERISA requirements and statutory provisions that provide certain protections from legal liability to plan sponsors regarding investment decisions made by plan participants. Should you need to add or replace investment managers or mutual funds in your plan, we can also provide you with detailed nonproprietary research that can help you make well-informed decisions. 

We invite you to reach out today to discuss how we can help you with your IPS and plan implementation needs.