As plan advisors we are consistently working to resolve the following questions:

What are we doing to protect you from fiduciary liability and do we have any blind spots? 

We ensure that due diligence and compliance requirements are being met by:

  • Developing investment menus to provide a smart variety of choices with cost efficiencies
  • Hosting quarterly Legislative Live Conference Calls for plan sponsors
  • Customizing Investment Policy Statements (IPS) to govern and protect the fiduciary
  • Creating and implementing a consistent documented process that is kept in your customized online vault
  • Conducting quarterly investment and fee monitoring based on IPS criteria

How healthy is your retirement plan?

As your retirement plan partner, we conduct:

  • Regular plan benchmarking to assess fee structure and plan features
  • Census reviews to assess needs for other plan types and features
  • Annual surveys of employees to gauge satisfaction and understanding
  • RFP coordination for record keepers and investment managers

Could we improve participant education and understanding?

We encourage participant engagement and financial literacy through:

  • Plan Document analysis to make sure your plan fits your company’s participants
  • Opportunity for CFP® led on-site employee education
  • Live monthly financial wellness webinars
  • Advanced Planning Workshops led by CFP® for owners and key executives
  • Access to CFP® professionals via email and phone

The landscape of the retirement plan industry is constantly changing. Legislative and regulatory developments along with industry consolidation require plan sponsors to maintain an awareness of these changes—when you may have little time to do so. Our team works to assist plan sponsors with adjusting their plans to keep up with evolving plan design, fee structure, investments and financial wellness programs.

Our group represents no proprietary record keeping or retirement plan investment products. Our recommendations are rooted in the best interest of your participants. We can serve as the advisor to your plan regardless of what record keeper is being utilized.


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