Provider search and evaluation

If you are looking to change 401(k) plan providers, we can help simplify your job as a fiduciary by conducting the provider search for you. Our provider search and evaluation process includes four steps:


1. Creating a formal request for proposal, which will identify appropriate candidates.

We begin by helping you identify your service, administration, investment, employee education and cost requirements. 

2. Conducting interviews and assisting with candidate selection.
Based on your needs, we recommend, who we believe are, well-qualified service providers and products that can help service your plan at competitive prices. To help you avoid conflicts of interest, we offer unbiased recommendations drawn from a wide selection of retirement plan products, and we only work with, who in our opinion are, leading providers in the industry. Our stringent criteria include:
  • High client retention rates
  • Strong fiduciary support services
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Flexible investment menus with diverse investment options
  • Continuous investment in their retirement plan business
  • Quality employee education and communication materials

3. Assisting with an efficient and smooth transition after the provider is chosen.
Our team works with your 401(k) providers to develop a timeline for conversion that suits your company‚Äôs schedule. 

4. Helping develop a participant communication plan.
Throughout the process, we work with you to tailor an employee communication and education plan. The goal of the plan is to not only to communicate important details of the conversion but also to develop a broader understanding of the benefits of participating in the plan.

Once your new provider is in place, we will continue to review your plan on an ongoing basis to help make sure it stays competitive. We invite you to contact us today to discuss your provider search and how we can be of assistance.