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Market overview: A new reality

As equity investors face continuing challenges, an elevated bond yield environment has changed the equation.

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Value statement

Portland Square Wealth Management Group is a full-service investment practice focused on the life and wealth planning needs of affluent families and individuals. We place the highest importance on our responsibility to assist our clients with the accumulation, preservation, and transfer of wealth. We are committed to the integrity and quality of our practice while always putting our client's interest first.

Investment philosophy

Conceptually, the investment philosophy of Portland Square Wealth Management Group can be thought of as delivering wealth management consistently through five steps: understanding, analysis, solutions, delivery, and commitment. Through this process, we coordinate the application of financial, estate and investment planning services for our clients. This process results in an investment plan that strives to take advantage of every opportunity for growth, while protecting our clients’ wealth from undue risk. We remain long-term partners with our clients – providing on-going monitoring of their investment portfolios, and periodic assessment of their plans to assure that they continue to be appropriate for their circumstances.

Portland Square Wealth Management Group has a shared vision to work with clients to:

  • Diversify their portfolios’ through asset allocation, the most important investment determinant for long term investment return and risk.
  • Customize investment strategies consistent with their long-term goals and objectives
  • Manage risk in relation to managing return.
  • Protect their wealth from unnecessary capital gains and estate taxes through proper coordination with attorneys and CPA’s
  • To have a plan for adequate joint life retirement income.
  • To closely understand their life values for wealth transfer strategies.


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