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Discover my “Comfort Formula” and how you and your family can benefit thru the formula process. The comfort formula involves a process that puts together all the pieces of your financial puzzle and guides all financial related matters toward a common goal.

Using the comfort formula and implementing the process, with regular updates, allows my clients to make changes on an ongoing basis keeping them focused and on track. Join others in Door County, Wisconsin and Nationwide that have taken advantage of this formula and process to provide a sense of comfort for themselves and their families.

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Introducing RBC Total Wealth

RBC Total Wealth is a way to view your complete financial picture. See your RBC accounts—along with your accounts at other financial institutions you choose to add—–in one convenient place. Access Total Wealth by selecting Sign in above to log into your accounts and then choose Add External Accounts. It’s a simple and secure way to keep your financial life connected to your everyday life.

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As earnings go, so goes the market

Fresh off a market bounce that was partly sparked by better-than-feared Q2 earnings reports, investors should consider where U.S. corporate profits could be headed next year. Read the full economic outlook in the latest edition of the Global Insight Monthly.

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As earnings go, so goes the market

While we think the bulk of market risks are in the rearview mirror, we consider whether earnings vulnerabilities are fully baked into stock prices.

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