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Based on trust, integrity and service our goal is to help provide personal wealth security through commitment, focus and stewardship of your assets. The Reno Tahoe Wealth Group can help you achieve your goals by providing proactive customized strategies to help meet each individual's needs for the present, as life changes occur, and the future. Begin by talking with us today, we look forward to listening to your financial objectives.

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Our tactical investment strategy invests in six major asset classes- International, US Large cap stocks, US Mid cap stocks, US Small cap stocks, Gold, Cash and Bonds. We believe this approach offers the best risk/reward for portfolios. By examining numerous market indicators across four main categories: Market Sentiment, Technical Data, Relative Strength, and Market Valuations allows for a disciplined approach to investing.

The goal of our tactical investment strategy is to grow client assets and avoid large drawdowns. The discipline remains the same through both bull and bear markets. Large market losses have a detrimental impact on performance as well as emotions. Often our industry recommends clients to "stay the course" meaning staying fully invested in all market environments regardless of risk/reward potential. This is where our philosophy is different.

We believe a disciplined tactical approach, with an emphasis on risk management, is an important element in managing wealth.

Not all lessons happen in the classroom

It’s not always easy to talk about your finances, especially with your children. But knowing how to manage their money wisely is a critical skill for their futures—and one often not taught at school. We can offer you smart tips and strategies for how to make sure your children learn the skills they need to manage their money wisely. Contact us today to learn how to give your children a head start on financial success.

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