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Over the past three decades, it has been beneficial to adhere to mainstream thinking and investing. Since 2005, we have been of the mindset that risks are elevated and we believe that prudent investors need to consider having a significant weighting in alternative asset classes. It is our fundamental belief that the risks in financial markets, as with all other risks in life, must be quantified in order to successfully navigate through them. Whether the seas show signs of “smooth sailing” or “storms ahead”, good judgment and risk management are primary tools in identifying how to proceed, particularly when there is much left unanswered. We continue to believe that investors must consider risk in order to reap rewards.

A U-turn for the auto sector?

It wasn’t that long ago that the auto sector was on an open road to the car of the future. But will the gauntlet of potholes left by COVID-19 cause the sector to swerve? Where is the auto sector going from here, and what does that mean for the prospects for autonomous and electric vehicles?
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At RBC Wealth Management, we’re proud to have earned a reputation for individual integrity, corporate responsibility and overall fiscal stewardship. There are thousands of investment firms to choose from out there, but investors pick us as much for their confidence in our strength and stability as for the comprehensive approach to wealth management and world-class investment solutions we offer. We look forward to earning your trust.


Creating a lasting legacy

It’s commonly observed in the financial services industry that family wealth rarely lasts across multiple generations—and a new report by RBC Wealth Management may point to some key causes. Watch the video below and download our 2017 Wealth Transfer Report: Lasting Legacy to learn more.

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