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Global Insight Monthly NovemberWill AI generate long-term equity performance?

Enthusiasm for generative artificial intelligence (AI) has helped drive 2023’s stock market gains. We look at the implications for investors.

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Value statement

Through a comprehensive approach to managing wealth, I help my clients address their current financial needs and develop strategies to help them achieve their long-term goals. Examples of financial solutions I provide my clients and their families are: growing assets in their nest egg during the accumulation phase of their working years, income planning during the distribution phase of their retirement, college savings plans for their children and grandchildren, and reviewing life insurance and long term care insurance needs.

Investment philosophy

My investment philosophy utilizes a combination of strategic & tactical approaches. A strategic buy-and-hold asset allocation strategy comprised of a broadly diversified portfolio of international & domestic stocks, bonds, CD’s and cash. In addition, I will closely monitor market and economic events to identify short-term investment opportunities. Where it is appropriate, I utilize stop-loss orders and option strategies to take advantage of the upside, yet still help provide some protection on the downside.


Advice you can trust

Distinguished by a long heritage of financial integrity and unwavering dedication to our clients, RBC has consistently earned high credit ratings.1

  • Moody's Aa1 and A1 / stable4
  • Standard & Poor's AA- and A / stable4
  • Fitch Ratings AA2 and AA-3 / stable4

Additionally, RBC has a reputation of strength and stability with a high-quality balance sheet, proactive risk management and a strong liquidity position.

Taking the next step

Whether you're a current client who would like to review your portfolio, or a potential client that would like to learn more about my approach, I would love to hear from you.  To set up a consultation click Contact.

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