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Investment philosophy

My goal is to have my clients achieve their financial security and live out their dreams. I teach the individuals, corporate plan sponsors and the employees I work with to be good stewards of their wealth and active philanthropists, and I help them build their wealth in a manner suitable to their values and expectations.

A successful investment strategy originates and reflects your core beliefs and carefully balances that with your tolerance for risk. I can help you make the decisions that reflect your values and create wealth in a sustainable way. How do we do this? I recommend a strategic asset allocation that is a broadly diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, cash and alternatives. I will add non-traditional strategies as appropriate to help take advantage of the upside, yet still provide some protection on the downside. I believe diversification is an important risk mitigator, but over-diversification mutes returns. I use technical analysis to take the emotion out of investing and to help make the decision of when to buy or sell. Lastly, I invest for the long term with the goal of allowing my clients to achieve their retirement goals and to never outlive their money.

Value statement

As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) I serve my clients as their personal CFO: we work together to manage assets in a responsible and thoughtful way. When you work with my group, we serve as a single and fully accountable point of contact, providing access to our team of specialists and resources.

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Providing my clients with valuable information on market trends, investment topics and other interesting considerations is an important part of my practice. I invite you to explore the articles below and contact me to discuss any of these topics in more detail.

Working for you

We offer extensive professional experience in helping our clients achieve their financial goals.

We view regular communications with clients as an essential part of an effective advisor relationship. We are in contact with clients frequently to discuss performance, changes in forecast expectations and resulting portfolio strategies. We believe an ongoing dialogue will help to produce and maintain an investment strategy that is consistent with each client’s goals and objectives.

We look forward to working with you.

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