My lifework is to create and maintain an optimal path to wealth accumulation and asset protection tailored to my clients’ investment goals and preferences.


Trusted Experience

30+ years of licensed, financial advisory experience equips me to identify the right investment decisions for my clients in continuously changing market conditions.

Recognized Expertise

I serve as a portfolio manager through the Portfolio Focus program, a select group of RBC Wealth Management financial advisors who have demonstrated the knowledge and experience necessary to carefully evaluate the most suitable investment ideas while demonstrating personal integrity and commitment to fulfill my responsibilities to my clients.

Ethical Stewardship

I work to the fiduciary standard, which requires that I have a legal duty to act in my clients’ best interest with every investment I recommend. In fact, many of my own assets are in the same investments as my clients’.

Asset-based compensation structure

My compensation as a Portfolio Focus financial advisor is tied directly to the performance of your portfolio. No commissions are involved, regardless of how many investment trades or changes are made. Instead, you pay one quarterly fee based on your total assets under management.

Investment Approach

My disciplined approach emphasizes value and minimizes risk with the intent to create portfolios that can generate attractive results throughout various market conditions.  My investment approach is a combination of top-down, macroeconomic and bottom-up, fundamental analysis. I employ numerous investment principles but focus on valuation, strategic opportunities, risk management and behavioral finance.


“Our job is to understand that the future is uncertain and to construct a portfolio that can generate attractive results under a wide variety of outcomes.” – Robert Cordiak


Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Client risk prevention

Identity theft. Fraud. Scams. Seniors and vulnerable adults may be victimized in many ways. At RBC Wealth Management, we are committed to protecting you and the people you care about from these risks. Please contact me for more information and help determining next steps for your personal situation.

Let's take the next step together

I welcome you to experience the RBC Wealth Management difference yourself. Contact me today to set up a meeting.

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