Our values

Our business is conducted with the highest ethical standards. Trust is built through integrity in everything we do. Each client is treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Advice and solutions to questions are offered that are appropriate and void of any conflicts of interest. We take personal responsibility by providing client service that is unparalleled. It is our mission to help our clients understand the challenges of managing wealth while offering the guidance and advice they will need to prosper and simplify their lives.

Our guiding beliefs

As a professionally trained financial team, The Rogers Mazzarelli Group believes the following:
• Retaining one financial consulting team to coordinate the efforts of all your professional advisors into one comprehensive wealth management plan is in your best interest
• Placing our clients’ interests first is paramount
• Asset allocation is, by far, the single most important decision an investor will make in their financial life
• Successful investors maintain a patient, long-term perspective
• Face-to-face contact with our clients on a regular basis is key
• The cost of professional investment advice is money well spent

What makes us different?

Although we’ve grown, our values have stayed true to our small-firm roots. Yet as part of RBC, we can provide clients with the breadth of financial products and services only available from a leading global institution. This combination of small-firm culture and large-firm capabilities makes us unique in the financial services industry and gives us a distinct competitive advantage in the way we serve clients.

For ease and convenience

The biggest benefit of working with us is that we help provide peace of mind through the personal attention we provide. We also offer ways to make managing your money more convenient, such as consolidated statements, performance evaluations, and 24-hour Internet access to your accounts. Above all, having a plan in place frees you from non-stop decision making and constant second guessing.

Expertise that’s broad and deep

Through RBC Wealth Management, The Rogers Mazzarelli Group offers you a single source for the financial advice and services you require and connects you with specialized professionals for complex decisions, as necessary. Our services include:
• Investment Strategies
• Retirement Planning
• Estate Planning
• Charitable Planning Strategies
• Account Management Services

Your next step

In coordination with an experienced team of professionals, The Rogers Mazzarelli Group is dedicated to helping you attain your financial goals. Our team has the expertise and resources to help provide you with the financial solutions you are looking for. Furthermore, we’ll deliver the level of service that you expect and deserve.

Let’s begin

Are you ready to find creative solutions to help reduce the stress and responsibilities associated with managing your money? Do you see the value of looking at the big picture and having a plan? If so, contact The Rogers Mazzarelli Group at (866) 465-1573.

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