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Our team believes in a personalized, logical approach to wealth management. Our approach involves asset allocation, diversification and wealth management planning, tailored to help you reach your specific goals and financial security. We will help you focus on the accumulation, protection and potential transfer of your wealth. We will also offer continuous encouragement as we work together toward achieving your objectives.

The most important behavior that separates good investors from poor is patience. We live today in a quick fix society. There is no quick fix or get rich quick component in investing. Please do not give us money you may need sooner than five years from now. Please try to be patient. Just as you would not immediately sell your house because it gained 10% in value, do not ask us to sell your investments quickly for small gains.  Statistical evidence shows that rapid trading diminishes long term returns.  

Investing should be a serious business because it is about your future. Our role is to help you design the plan and continually encourage you to be committed to your plan. We want to make you and your families better off financially.

When to start taking Social Security benefits

Social Security can be an important part of your retirement income stream. The decision about when to begin taking the benefits you have earned may have important consequences. Start them early and your monthly income will be lower than if you wait until your full retirement age. Delay them and your monthly “paycheck” will be larger. Please contact me for help determining when it may be appropriate for you to start taking social security benefits and to explore strategies for maximizing benefits for married couples.

How to protect yourself in the event of a data breach

Data breaches are worrisome and frustrating, not knowing if — or when — your information may be used by thieves. Taking these steps can help you regain a sense of control and may help safeguard your personal and financial information. Read more.

Introducing RBC Total Wealth

RBC Total Wealth is a way to view your complete financial picture. See your RBC accounts—along with your accounts at other financial institutions you choose to add—–in one convenient place. Access Total Wealth by selecting Sign in above to log into your accounts and then choose Add External Accounts. It’s a simple and secure way to keep your financial life connected to your everyday life.

Hope...is not an investment strategy

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Global Insight U.S. Recession Scorecard
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Having a trusted contact person is important

If we think you may be a victim of fraud, we will contact you. Fast action can help resolve issues quickly. A trusted contact person is someone you authorize us to contact in limited circumstances, such as if we're unable to reach you and have concerns about activity in your account. This person should be someone you trust, such as a family member, friend or professional (such as your attorney). Your trusted contact person will not be an authorized party on your accounts and your account details will not be shared with them. 

Connect with me today to add a trusted contact person to your account.