Our approach

Wealth management

Your retirement planning and wealth preservation goals are inextricably tied together. The financial strategies you have in place today impact both your present lifestyle and the one you envision for the future. And both require a comprehensive understanding of your personal goals.

Advisory services

The most adept investors know that the ups and downs of financial markets cannot be effectively timed. That’s where the insight of a professional advisor can help. Successful long-term investors recognize the important role that asset allocation, diversification and a long-term focus play in achieving investment goals.

Insurance as risk management

We understand the critical importance of having the right amount and type of insurance to mitigate personal or business risk. That’s why we work with you to design a plan, using our in-depth knowledge of your total financial picture, to help you balance risk as well as achieve your financial goals in the event of an unexpected occurrence.

Estate and succession planning

Appropriate planning not only helps protect your assets, it also helps ensure your loved ones won’t endure the administrative headaches and conflicts that can arise during a difficult time in their lives. Transferring the ownership of a business can be a complex, time consuming and emotional situation. Even more challenging is a situation involving the incapacity or death of a business owner. That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead and to work with an advisor you trust with something as important as the business you’ve built.

Consolidation and simplification

RBC’s financial strength, sound risk management policies, strong balance sheet and diversified business mix have enabled it to withstand many of the recent market shocks and pressures. We have made it a simple procedure to consolidate your financial assets with us. Our clients are better able to document taxable and non-taxable income and/or events at tax time. Consolidation also facilitates the oversight of your assets on one consolidated statement and greatly simplifies the estate planning and wealth transfer process.