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Our team offers each of our clients the opportunity to know the answer to two important questions:

1.) At the end of your life will you successfully achieve your financial goals?

2.) Do you have any financial blind spots that can be addressed to protect your dreams?

We help safeguard you through a comprehensive wealth management strategy. RBC offers a boutique approach to our clients with an extensive range of services to meet any wealth management needs. We then guide you by matching your expectations with the reality of your risk tolerance. We create a unique personal financial plan so you can feel confident and realistically know that you can accomplish your goals.

Through the years we continue to guide you making any necessary changes and adjusting for unforeseen bumps along the way. Our hands-on approach to financial management enables us to provide you with the confidence to look toward the future knowing you are in the best possible position. We are a vested partner in your life.

Who are our typical clients? They are people from all walks of life. We help them manage all aspects of their finances.

  • We serve those clients who are in their wealth accumulation phase of life make important decisions and plan for the future, as well as those who have reached retirement by helping them confidently fund their early retirement years.
  • We partner with our retired clients to create a plan to maximize wealth preservation and retirement income. We are passionate about creating a comfortable quality of life that takes into consideration all of their needs. Our 360-degree approach is not just about finance — it is about enabling our clients to enjoy life with the freedom to do more of what they love.
  • We help successful small business professionals with their investments, banking and lending needs and benefit implementation to increase income, reduce taxes and grow capital.
  • We proactively serve young couples with growing families who are busy with their professional lives. We develop insurance strategies that protect their growing family, fund college savings plans, acquire competitive mortgage and credit lines to cover expenses and major purchases. Most importantly we construct a comprehensive financial plan that encompasses the big picture.

Our team’s goal is to always be looking out for their financial wellbeing so they can concentrate on enjoying retirement, establishing thriving businesses, cultivating careers and creating stability within their families.


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About our name

Our office is located in Hunt Valley, Maryland where there is a history of famous thoroughbred racing breeding and training. Cynthia’s father was an agent of the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau, known as the FBI of racing and was a member of the Maryland Jockey Club before his passing. Cynthia visited many of these farms as a child.

One of the farms established in 1925 was owned by Margaret Emerson Vanderbilt which she named “Sagamore Farm”. The definition of Sagamore is “Among some American Indians; a wise Indian chief”. Additionally Corinne Patteson is Cyndy Allen's daughter and they come from a lineage of American Indians. This name summarizes our heritage, our history, and our location. Check out Sagamore Racing's history on their website


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