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Video: The de-dollarization dilemma

Jul 26, 2023 | Elsa Lignos and Frédérique Carrier


As trade and geopolitical tensions persist and global trade becomes more fragmented, will the U.S. dollar continue to be the global reserve currency of choice?

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This video is part of the “Worlds apart: Risks and opportunities as deglobalization looms” series that is exploring the trend away from globalization and its ramifications for investors, economies, and financial markets.

The video features Elsa Lignos, Global Head of FX Strategy & Head of EMEA Institutional FX Sales for RBC Capital Markets, and Frédérique Carrier, Co-chair of the Global Portfolio Advisory Committee at RBC Wealth Management, as they break down the complexities of the de-dollarization phenomenon.

Elsa and Frédérique discuss:

  • The increasing relevance of the Chinese renminbi
  • Whether the greenback’s days in the top spot are numbered
  • The complex factors that support the dollar’s reserve currency status
  • Which currencies could benefit from de-dollarization, and more