1.) Understanding your financial objectives

I begin by asking questions to help learn about your current financial situation, what you want to accomplish in the future and how you feel about risk. I may also ask about family dynamics that may be important.

This step is essential to developing a comprehensive, effective wealth management plan.

2.) Developing smart, time-tested strategies

Based on the information you provide, I analyze your unique personal and financial needs, then match your objectives to appropriate strategies. 

This step is crucial, because it helps define how I am going to help achieve your financial goals.

3.) Implementing creative solutions

Drawing on the vast resources of a global leader in diversified financial services— the Royal Bank of Canada — I customize a solution set to help meet your specific long-and short-term needs.

This is the step where I deliver world-class products and services tailored to your unique financial goals.

4.) Providing timely, ongoing service

Markets change over time. But your life — and your needs — may change, as well. So I regularly monitor the performance of your wealth management plan and check in with you periodically to make sure I still understand your financial objectives (see step one).

This is the step that helps me ensure your financial objectives are being met — and make adjustments as necessary to keep your wealth management plan on track.

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