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While the landscape may differ from location to location, the people we serve share many similarities. They are family-oriented and civic-minded. They work hard and are careful with the wealth they have accumulated. They are down-to-earth and insist on honest, straightforward business relationships and recommendations. They go the extra mile to do a job right — and expect their financial advisors to do the same for them.

We share these values with our clients. While our work involves money, we view it as a job to help your family accomplish their goals, and hopefully, sleep easier at night. Perhaps these are reasons why our clients choose us over other financial advisors. We enjoy a different set of priorities that puts the focus on your family and helping them. It’s not just about making money, but also ensuring your family is secure.

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Global Insight 2023 Midyear Outlook pdf coverThe income is back in fixed income

Sharply rising interest rates in recent years have boosted bond yields, shifting the investment calculus for portfolios that combine equity and fixed income holdings. With yields approaching or exceeding the return targets in many wealth plans, we think fixed income should play a bigger role in balanced portfolios.

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