Wealth planners

There are two required parts to every wealth management plan:  the goal and the course.  Each is essential to get to where you want to be.  The Shaeffer Wealth Advisory Group acts as the guide to the complexities of your financial life.

Primary advisor

Your wealth management plan will likely involve a team of highly trained professionals.  While success requires your involvement, you may not want the responsibility of acting as the primary coordinator for such a wide range of professionals.  The Shaeffer Wealth Advisory Group takes the lead role in helping you accomplish your financial goals by partnering with your CPA, Attorney, Trust Officer, Private Banker and Insurance Specialist.

Staying on track

We have access to many innovative financial management tools to help chart the course and track your progress along it, all the while making your life easier.  And in order to accurately determine your progress, it is important to get the full sense of your situation.  It can be detrimental to your goals to not look at your entire financial picture. 


Together, the Shaeffer Wealth Advisory Group and you will work to identify the goal, assemble your team, and stay on course.