Retirement advisors

Are you:
  • Saving for retirement? 
  • Getting ready to retire? 
  • Retired? 
  • A business or business owner searching for an employer-sponsored retirement plan? 

We can help.

Preparing for retirement

We spend years dreaming about and saving for retirement, which for many people will be as long as their working years.  The foundation for a successful retirement is not set in a day – it takes a lifetime.  Did you know the percentage of workers who are currently saving for retirement based on an Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) 2006 Retirement Confidence Survey was only 70%?  Did you know that a rule of thumb for your retirement income needs is 70-80% of your final salary?

The Shaeffer Wealth Advisory Group will help you firm your retirement foundation, map out the future to be built on top of it, and guide you along to path to retirement.


Entering retirement

One of the biggest adjustments for many retirees is getting used to being truly financially independent.  In addition, your finances may become more complex to manage in retirement.  That’s because your retirement income plan may include many different income sources.  Using them all efficiently to create a reliable income stream will likely become a priority.

Let us guide you on how best to manage your assets and income sources.  Together, we will work to create a retirement paycheck that will help you make the most of retirement.

Retirement plan consulting

The Shaeffer Wealth Advisory Group can help you navigate the new regulatory environment for employer-sponsored plans.  If you are setting up or maintaining a 401(k) or other plan for your business, we can serve as your advisor and assume a shared investment fiduciary role and responsibility for everything from plan design to employee education.  Contact us to learn more.