Helping clients live the life they envision

My process

I work with families and help them envision what the future may hold. I’ve built planning process that simplifies the complexities of each person’s financial journey. Through my process, clients can have a clearer vision of their complete financial life.

My mission

I help clients reach their financial goals so they can enjoy the life they envision. I feel it’s important to guide clients through the complexities of their financial issues in a way they can understand. I believe they are best served with a holistic approach. Clients receive the best range of options through a collaborative approach involving other professionals.

I find what I do is extremely meaningful and rewarding, and I love learning and growing each day. My goal is to have an efficient business so I can enjoy time with my family, while at the same time knowing everyone is being taken care of.

My investment philosophy

I believe in an asset allocation strategy to create a broadly-diversified portfolio of mutual funds, ETF, stocks, bonds, cash and alternative investments. I use both passive and actively managed investments. In addition, I closely monitor market and economic events to identify short-term investment opportunities. I add tactical managers or funds as appropriate to help take advantage of the upside, yet still help provide some protection on the downside.

What’s important to you?

Professional wealth management helps you prioritize your objectives and prepare
financially to accomplish them. Helping you with the financial side of achieving
what is important to you is central to everything we do at RBC Wealth Management.
My services include:
• Planning for retirement
• Creating an income during retirement
• Funding an education
• Preparing for a major purchase
• Protecting your family or income
• Creating the legacy by which you want to be remembered

Taking the next step

Whether you're a current client who would like to review your portfolio, or a potential client that would like to learn more about my approach, I would love to hear from you. To set up a consultation, please contact me.

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