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“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money -– that is sincerity and integrity.” Douglas Adams

Who we are

The Specialized Strategies Group at RBC Wealth Management is one of the top teams at RBC Wealth Management in Los Angeles, CA. Our clients hire us because of our solutions in addressing complex investment needs. Our recommendations encompass growing assets, managing risk and liabilities, expertise in cash management and in creating income streams. We are also proficient at developing and adhering to Investment Policy Statements, the blueprint for investing assets.

Our clients benefit from transparency, tax efficiency, highly personalized service, a low cost structure, and detailed reporting. We proactively collaborate among the interested parties (trustees, legal counsel, tax professionals, project managers and related parties) and solicit feedback to ensure that our client’s objectives are being met.

During the course of our careers, we have overseen in excess of $1 billion in assets. We are located in Century City, an enclave of Los Angeles, and have been with RBC Wealth Management for over eight years. RBC Wealth Management is a wholly owned U.S subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada and is one of the safest banks in the world, carrying a credit rating of AA- by S&P. RBC Wealth Management is the seventh largest full service investment firm in the U.S., providing our clients with an open architecture platform, global presence and a robust capital markets presence. RBC Wealth Management also acquired City National Bank in 2015, whose trust department gives us enhanced capabilities for establishing escrow accounts, administering real estate in trust, and other trust services.

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